Hairstyles for Men

By: Denise Zingale, D’MAZ Lifestyle Salon (216) 292-HAIR (4247)

Even though trends and tastes have changed in the past decade or so, many gents are still choosing to wear their hair in more classic styles. The haircuts look crisp and sharp. A lot of men are also sporting still a full beard with these styles, which creates a dramatic contrast and adds to the disjointed effect created by cutting the sides tight.

Although I have seen a slight decline in men coloring their hair, coloring doesn’t need to be so dramatic. There are many products, colors and techniques that can be used to lighten/darken the hair or just add tone. Men could definitely experiment with color more, even if it’s only slightly lightening the hair to give it a sun-kissed appearance or using highlights/low-lights to add texture, definition, or grey blend a cut at key areas.

As men mature, so does their style. That often comes with life experience and a deeper understanding of who you are. There are many different hairstyles men can wear these days; but I do see though the men’s looks continuing to remain more traditional and grounded by timeless cuts & styles.

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