Available Hair Times

Current Available Hair & Wellness Times

Friday, March 31st 9:45 AM (1 hour available)

Tuesday, April 4th: 11:45 AM (1 hour available)

Wednesday, April 5th: 1:30 PM (1 hour available)

 Please CALL the Salon for highlighting or permanent waving service times.

This page is updated as soon as possible when changes occur. If a day and/or time is not available that you desire above, please contact me and allow me the opportunity and time to try and accommodate you! *Please include your phone number in your email.

Thank you ~ Denise Zingale
tel: (216) 292-4247
or *Email: [email protected]

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Salon Policies

*Deposit: D’MAZ Lifestyle Salon requires a deposit (you will be emailed an invoice), in order to secure bookings for a new client, appointments spanning 2 hours or more, or for services taking place on location or out of regular salon hours (ex: Monday’s of Holiday weeks). Deposits vary on the services desired and the amount of time booked.

**Sick Policy: In an effort to maintain a healthy Salon environment, I ask that if you, or any member of your household or visitors within the last 5 days have or are experiencing symptoms of a sore throat, cold, runny nose, stomach “bug”, fever, flu, Covid, etc., that you please not book a this time. If you arrive at the Salon with active symptoms, you will be asked to leave and reschedule. This is for your well-being as well as the health of myself & the other clients I serve. Full charges will apply for your reserved scheduled time if you are asked to leave and reschedule. Thank you for your understanding!