Body Waves and Permanent Waves for Hair

If you want volume, fullness, movement, body, or curl, Denise’s services for permanent hair waves and body wave hair could be the perfect answer for you! Call (216) 292-4247 today.

Permanent Waves

Transform your hair with beach wave perms, also known as permanent hair waves! These texturizing treatments work wonders on altering the natural texture of your hair, creating curls or waves that last for an extended period. During the process, your hair is delicately wrapped around rods or rollers and treated with a solution to redefine the protein bonds within the hair shaft.

Experience the magic of defined curls, whether you’re after tight, bouncy curls or loose, beachy waves. The size of the rods or rollers and the processing technique used can yield a variety of results, from loose waves to tight curls and spiral curls. My modern techniques even cater to creating permanent beach waves for short hair!

No matter your hair type—whether you have natural hair, curly hair, straight hair, or long hair—I’m here to help you achieve your desired look. I will also provide advice on washing your hair and recommendations on shampoo and conditioning, all tailored to maintain your new waves. Don’t wait any longer to enhance your hairstyle! Call (216) 292-4247 to reserve your appointment with Denise today.

Body Wave

A body wave is a type of permanent wave treatment applied to the hair to create loose, soft waves or gentle curls. Unlike traditional perms, which often produce tighter curls, a body wave results in a more subtle, natural-looking texture. During the body wave process, the hair is wrapped around larger rollers or rods to achieve the desired wave pattern.

A solution is then applied to alter the hair’s protein bonds, allowing it to hold the new shape. Body waves are popular for adding volume, movement, and texture to the hair, giving it a relaxed and effortless appearance.

Whether you want a full-body wave or simply want to add some subtle waves to your hair, I’ve got you covered. Say goodbye to dull and lifeless hair and hello to beautiful, bouncy body waves with professional body wave services! Call (216) 292-4247 to reserve your appointment today.

Body Waves and Permanent Waves Pricing

Service Pricing Time
Permanent / Body Waving / Beach waves (no cut / diffused or blow-dry) Starts at $170.00* (approx. 2 1/2 hours*)
(Design styling extra) *design styling includes the use of flat or curling irons and/or rollers.
Permanent / Body Waving / Beach waves (with haircut & diffused or blow-dry) Starts at $205.00*/td> (approx. 3 hours*)
(Design styling extra) *design styling includes the use of flat or curling irons and/or rollers.
*design styling includes the use of flat or curling irons and/or rollers.
OLAPLEX added to neutralizer Starts at $10.00*
Spiral Perm Waves Price determined after consultation*

*Prices and times of service will vary depending on your hair length, density, condition, and texture. Design styling includes the use of flat or curling irons and/or rollers.

spring hair 50 & over 60

Green Circle Salon

D’MAZ Lifestyle Salon proudly holds the certification as a Green Circle Salon, demonstrating Denise’s commitment to environmental responsibility. Denise diligently recycles 95% of the salon’s waste, including bottles, boxes, and gloves, effectively minimizing landfill contributions.

The Details

SMOCKS:  Changing smocks are provided. D’MAZ Lifestyle Salon will not be responsible for any damage to clothing (tops  ~ shirts ~ etc.) or jewelry (earrings ~ necklaces ~ etc.) that has been chosen to be left on during any service.

DISCLOSURE REQUEST: Due to the possibility of a skin/scalp reaction and/or hair fragility/breakage when receiving a chemical service, please inform us of any medical conditions or changes in lifestyle/medications and/or supplement programs so I may create or update your confidential profile for safe, consistent service, recommendations and results.

Please Note: I respect your privacy to share only what you wish.

D’MAZ Lifestyle Salon is a private, studio hair salon. For the privacy and relaxation of a client receiving services – consultations and services are by appointment only. No walk-ins, please. Thank you.