Updates & Protocols

Hello! I have created this page to help you, my guests be informed of “updated” implementations/changes for your health and safety (until further notice) regarding your visits to the building and to the Salon. Any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me. Denise Zingale (216) 292-4247 or

Please read carefully the following implementations/changes for your health & safety (until further notice) regarding your future visits with Denise, for her to provide service.

*When you arrive, please CALL Denise from your car. You will need to wait please in your car until she gives you the go ahead before coming up to the Salon. Having your cell phone handy & ready in your car will help considerably. Only one person at a time will be allowed in the Salon with Denise until further notice. Restrooms on the all floors are open and do not require a key to use.

*At this time, please have your temperature taken by Metro Health upon entering the main entrance of the building. You will need to provide Denise the “sticker” Metro Health gives you.

*The Building Management requires a mask to be worn entering and in the building (signs are posted) and in the Salon and it must be worn while receiving your service(s). If you do not come with a mask, Denise can provide disposable masks for $2.00 each and meet you in the lobby. If you are receiving a color or perm service, please bring/wear a disposable mask. She will not be responsible if color or perm solution gets on your mask.

*Please sanitize your hands upon entering the Salon.

*Each visit will require the filling out and signing of a wellness screening & consent-liability release form.

*Please do not bring outside food or beverages into the Salon.

*Please bring as little as possible with you into the Salon at this time. (Keys, payment & cell phone)

*Please let Denise know what products you will need during your appointment and she will gather your retail for you and put it aside. You can also now order online! D’MAZ Lifestyle Salon On-line Retail Store. Please note: until further notice the return policy has been suspended. Click here to view/purchase CBD Daily here!

***IMPORTANT: For all color appointments; you MUST arrive with clean, dry hair to your color appointment! No mousse, gel, hairspray, shine spray, argan oils, color touch-up sticks, powders or fibers, etc. *An extra charge will apply if Denise see’s your hair needs to be washed and dried before she can begin to work on you to be in compliance with the current health and safety guidelines.

*Tea, bottled water, coffee & Denise’s healthy nut snack mix are not being offered in the Salon at this time as well as magazines, business cards, brochures & wellness books have been removed and all product testers and samples on the stations.

Rest assured, I hope to soon be able to and offer the added valued extras you have come to enjoy!

If you have any questions or concerns at all ~ please do not hesitate to contact me!
Thank you ~ Denise Zingale
Call/Text: (216) 292-4247

Salon Policies