Updates & Protocols

Hello! I have created this page to help you, my guests be informed of updated and current implementations/changes for your safety, health, & comfort regarding your visits to my private studio, D’MAZ Lifestyle Salon located on the 5th floor of the Parkway Medical (North) Office building. Since opening in 2001, I have always and will continue to meet all Ohio State Cosmetology and Barber Board guidelines and standards which govern my industry that must be followed Click here and that I am inspected for.

Some additional steps I have to keep you safe during your visit include, an exhaust fan in the shampoo area and two (2) medical grade HEPA filtered air purifying units running daily in my 475 sq. ft. private studio Salon. The medical grade technology in these air filters is proven to remove up to 95% of all airborne contaminants and viruses including Covid-19. I also hire the Germ Free Company to come into my Salon to test all surfaces and high touch points, and fully clean & sanitize with their all-natural; EPA approved saline solution forced though an air-assisted, electrostatic spraying system. This process is so effective at killing germs and viruses it exceeds the disinfecting properties of bleach by 300 times!

I want to share with you several things the building management has done in the common areas to help social distancing and protect tenants, employees and guests:

*Separated the common area furniture in the lobby and in the café in order to maintain social distancing.

*Installed markings on the floor to direct the flow of traffic in and out of the elevator area.

*Posted signage on the elevator limiting the amount of passengers. (Only 2 passengers at a time allowed per elevator!)

*Posted signage to clearly indicate the location of the stairwells.

*Use of stairways when possible – “due to the limited number of people allowed in the elevators at one time we encourage people who are physically able to use the stairwells (even if it is just to go down) whenever possible and save the elevators for the people who are elderly or physically unable to use the stairs.”

*The day porter increased and continues the amount of times they are wiping/disinfecting touch points in the common areas and restrooms.

Please read carefully the following implementations/changes (until further notice) regarding your future visits with Denise, for her to provide service.

*Check before leaving home that your cell phone is fully charged and the phone ringer/notifier is completely turned up.

*Please arrive 5 to 10 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment time. Feel free to watch the Salon’s new “Operating Safely” Video!

*When you arrive, please CALL Denise from your car. You will need to wait please in your car until she gives you the go ahead before coming up to the Salon. Having your cell phone handy & ready in your car will help considerably.

*Unlike other private salons that may have multiple units, only one person at a time is currently allowed in the Salon with Denise until further notice.

*The Building Management requires a mask to be worn entering and in the building (signs are posted) and in the Salon while receiving your service(s). If you do not come with a mask, Denise can provide disposable masks for $2.00 each. If you are receiving a color or perm service, please bring/wear a disposable mask. She will not be responsible if color or perm solution gets on your mask.

*Each visit will require a temperature check upon arrival into the Salon & the filling out and signing of a wellness screening & consent-liability release form.

*Please do not bring outside food or beverages into the Salon. Hot tea, coffee, bottled water and wine are available at the Salon.

*Please bring as little as possible with you into the Salon. (Ex: Small purse, keys, payment & cell phone. A favorite book to read while your color is processing is fine too.)

*If you would like to buy hair, body and wellness products, my on-line store allows you to see what is new and available. Products purchased online can be shipped to you; orders over $75.00 qualify for free shipping (CBD orders over $95.00 qualify for free shipping). You will also have the option of curbside pick-up at the entrance of the building, or your products can be picked up in Salon during your visit. SHOP ON-LINE HERE! D’MAZ Lifestyle Salon On-line Retail Store. or Click here to view and buy CBD Daily!

**IMPORTANT: For all color appointments; you MUST arrive with clean, dry hair to your color appointment! No mousse, gel, hairspray, shine spray, argan oils, color touch-up sticks, powders or fibers, etc. *An extra charge will apply if Denise see’s your hair needs to be washed and dried before she can begin to work on you to be in compliance with the current health and safety guidelines.

*At this time, all magazines & Denise’s wellness books have been removed.

If you have any questions or concerns at all ~ please do not hesitate to contact me!
Thank you ~ Denise Zingale
Call: (216) 292-4247 or Email:

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