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Hairstyle Ideas for Holiday Party Season

Written by: Denise Zingale Date of published: . Posted in make-overs, Tips, Uncategorized, Up-do's, Women's Hairstyles

Hairstyle inspiration for any Holiday occasion
Holiday hair short & tossledShort and Tousled
Use a curling wand to frame loose waves around your face.

Holiday hair side braid


A Side Braid
Pull back one side with a horizontal French braid to show a smoky eye.

Holiday hair teased ponytail



A Teased Ponytail
Make your pony a conversation starter ~ curl, tease, pin up & spray.



Holiday hair braided top knot




A Braided Top Knot
For a more traditional up-do, have a professional hairstylist do this or take two hair pieces and braid them then pin braids around a loose bun.

Holiday hair double head band


Double Headband
For a little something easier you can do at home ~the teased bun and the double headband.

Holiday hair jeweled headband



A Jeweled Headband
Even more pressed for time? Middle-part + low bun + jeweled headband = ready!




Holiday hair crown braid



A  Tight Crown Braid
A Scandinavian-inspired crown.

Holiday hair low chignonA Sleek Chignon
~ sophisticated low bun.

Holiday hair jeweled accessory



An Added Barrette
For a more mature look, use a vintage-inspired clip in a low twist.




Holiday hair messy twist





A Messy Twist For curly ladies! Twist sections of hair in a somewhat haphazard way and secure with bobby pins. The result is surprisingly chic.



HAPPY HOLIDAYS! Denise Zingale Travis / D’MAZ Lifestyle Salon